kaffekrus’s Sci-Fi Sounds

1 year ago

Sci-Fi Sounds created by beatmaker kaffekrus (me).

These sounds are some experimental sounds, that are for everyone who needs something weird, inspiring, creative-potentially-kinda sounds.

All of them are created and recorded raw from the Arturia Microbrute, which is a small analog synthesizer beast. It can create some harsh high-pitch leads and some monstrous and brutal bass stabs, but for this pack, ive created 45 fx-sounds which may remind you of an old Sci-fi movie from the 80s or ‘transformers’ or even the game ‘Super Mario’ (little easter egg). I also placed 4 melodic loops and 8 melodic stabs (this is both leads and basses), aswell as an unorganized/unsorted folder, with some unnamed gems. The genre depends on you. If you will use these sounds as foley in your movie or the stabs for a hard ass trap melody or some brutal 8-bit metal, you can do that. You decide 🙂


  • 45 fx sounds
  • 4 melodic stabs
  • 8 melodic loops
  • 13 unorganized sounds

Its a small pack, but i hope you will enjoy it. Please contact me if you’ve created anything with them, and you are welcome to credit me if you feel like it.

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