GDC 2020 Audio Bundle

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GDC 2020 is a free audio bundle cooked up by Sonniss. This bundle consists of a staggering 50GB+ of high-quality samples and sound effects for music production, films, games and other audio projects.

This extraordinary sound fx pack was made possible by using a few sounds from each of their suppliers sound libraries. The pack comes in 14 parts total and you’ll find enough sounds to keep you busy for the next few months. There’s 440 folders containing electric currents, ocean waves, feedback loops, rusty doors, automobile sounds, gearboxes, metal hits, drum-like sounds, dark pads and drones, ambient textures and atmospheres, foley, field recording and the list seems to go on with no end.

This audio bundle is royalty-free and can be used in commercial projects. All of the sounds can also be used in an unlimited number of your projects without attribution for the rest of your life. Use them how they are, drown them in FX, chop them up and go wild the sky is the limit.

It’s no doubt music producers and even sound designers could benefit from this free bundle.

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1465 samples



Sound Attribution

GDC 2020 Audio Bundle was made by Sonniss

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