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A handpicked selection of 287 royalty-free music loops, samples, MIDI and Serum presets taken from across the ModeAudio catalogue, spanning 7 releases including the following:

  • Crystalline – Serum Cinematic Dance Presets
  • Grid Racer – Synthwave Loops
  • Hybrid Drums – Live & Electronic Drum Samples
  • Raw Trap – Loops & Samples
  • Shared Tomorrow – Analog Downtempo Loops
  • Sift – Serum Ambient Presets
  • Suspense – Dark Cinematic Loops

From pounding drum machine samples to electrifying analog synth leads, booming 808 bass, soaring Ambient Serum presets and beyond, we’re excited to share this taste of the best of ModeAudio sound design for your production pleasure!

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287 samples

Sound Attribution

ModeAudio Soundpacks Selection was made by ModeAudio

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