Lil Peep Drum Kit

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Lil Peep Drum Kit is a free drum kit that was put together by CR8TES in honor of Lil Peep. The Lil Peep-inspired drum kit is designed to provide producers with a collection of curated drum samples that perfectly encapsulate the artist’s style and essence. Inside the kit, you’ll find plenty of 808 bass, kicks, snares, hats and other production goodies such as melodic pads, ambient textures and emotional Lil Peep styled samples.

By providing a wide variety of versatile drum sounds, emotional depth, and free availability, this free kit empowers aspiring producers to explore their creativity, pay homage to a legendary artist and forge their own paths in the world of music production.

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115 samples



Sound Attribution

Lil Peep Drum Kit was made by CR8TES

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