VHS Audio Degradation Suite

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Want to make your sounds less perfect and inject quirky, lo-fi character into them? VHS Audio Degradation Suite is a VHS tape noise and Flutter simulator for Reaktor 6+. More specifically, this Reaktor ensemble is an audio effect that combines saturation, pitch modulation and noise to emulate artifacts found on a VHS tape.

Some of the parameters and features include:

  • Wow and Flutter
  • Speed
  • Chorus
  • Tone
  • Slew Limiter
  • Compressor
  • LPF
  • Mic Emulation
  • Preamp
  • 2-Band Saturator
  • Various Noise
  • Optional output sum to mono.

If you’re looking to subtly degrade your audio or something more drastic, you can’t go wrong with this Reaktor ensemble.

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Sound Attribution

VHS Audio Degradation Suite was made by James Peck

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