JungleJungle: 1989-1999 Sample Pack

Sample Pack Details

Blu Mar Ten has released the JungleJungle: 1989-1999 sample pack, which explores some of the sounds use in early drum & bass productions. The collection started off as a fun way to kill time in between proper music work and suddenly became quite large, so it seemed a shame not to share it. The pack is made up of some of the most usable and inspiring drum n’ bass sounds, vintage drum loops and samples sourced from vinyl or CD’s and delivered to your DAW or hardware sampler in 16bit wav format.

In detail, this sample pack brings you:

  • 58 Bass
  • 224 Breaks
  • 120 FX
  • 77 Pads
  • 130 Riffs, Arps & Hits
  • 69 Vocals

The samples can be easily chopped up and manipulated to give drum n’ bass producers and beatmakers the flexibility they need in their tracks.

NOTE: This pack was created by Blu Mar Ten for personal fun but and is not to be sold. All rights remain with the original creators of the samples. These samples can NOT be used for any type of commercial purpose unless you seek the appropriate clearance.

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675 samples

Sound Attribution

JungleJungle: 1989-1999 Sample Pack was made by Blu Mar Ten

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