Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5

Sample Pack Details

Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5 is a free sample pack with trap and hip-hop production in mind. Owen J has shared some of his favorite samples that include high quality drums, tuned 808 bass, tuned brass instruments, tuned hits and stabs, sirens, horns, chimes, bells, bongos, cymbals, stomps and so much more.

All samples have been sorted into the following folders;

  • 808s
  • Snares & Claps
  • FX
  • Hats
  • Kicks
  • Hits & Stabs
  • Percussion
  • Vox

This sample pack is guaranteed to inspire you on your next trap beat.

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725 samples



Sound Attribution

Owen J’s Main Stash 1.5 was made by Owen J

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